If you own, or work with, boats then it’s only natural that you want to keep it in pristine condition. Whether you maintain your own boat, work as a professional valeter, or even operate a charter fleet, then you know how much time and work goes into maintaining a boat’s appearance.

In order to get the best results, and save time and energy, you have to use the best available products to clean, polish, restore and protect your boat. Boat Revive Polish is the perfect polish for fast and effective restoration of any watercraft.

What Does Boat Polishing Do?

Contrary to common belief, polishing is NOT actually coating the boat. In reality, boat polish is an abrasive and it serves to remove the pitted surface.

Advantages Of Using A Boat Polisher:

  • The abrasive technology in Boat Revive Polish removes defects, including any deep scratches
  • It restores the gel coat by removing any imperfections and discoloration
  • It cuts away oxidation, faded gel coat and any of the damaging salt and minerals
  • Revive Boat Polish creates a great base for wax, sealant or any other protective coating vital for long-term protection of your boat
  • It is easy to apply and will restore the shine to any gel coat, fibreglass or plastic surface
  • It can be used on any watercraft, boat or even trailer, and any other vehicle with fibreglass or gel coat surface

Boat Polishers & Cleaners

For the most effective results of polishing, you should use a dual-action, or rotary machine, polisher – this will remove any defects and restore the surface to a ‘brand-new’ quality and condition. Once treated with Revive Boat polish, your boat or craft should then be waxed or sealed in order to produce an enhanced shine and to offer the very best protection against the elements.

Although polishing your boat can seem to be difficult, work intensive and tedious, it is one of those tasks that offers immediate gratification. The effort you have made is apparent to everyone. Use of Revive Boat Polish will generate superb results – with minimum effort – and provide a fine finish with a mirror shine.