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Why Buy This Product?

  • All natural pure white paste wax
  • Secret blend of natural carnauba, beeswax, and specialty fruit and nut oils
  • Make any dark and metallic fleck paintwork shine and glow
  • Durable protection against the elements that ruin shine
  • Repels dirt, pollution, water, and UV solar rays
  • Perfect for black, green, blue, and metallic paint finishes
  • Adds protection to polished metals, chrome, wheels, glass, and headlight plastics
  • One coat protects and shines for up to half a year

Luxurious Protection And Shine

The name says it all: ?Celeste Dettaglio? is Italian for ?Heavenly Detail.? Working with Celeste is a detailer?s dream come true: easy spreadability, short curing time, and easy buffing and wiping?all with brilliant deep shine and glowing clarity. Everyone who works with Celeste Dettaglio falls instantly in love with the refined paste wax for its shine, clarity, ease of use, beautiful smell, and glowing finish. Spread a thin, even coat of Celeste Dettaglio over darker paint colors like black, gunmetal gray, british racing green, purple, darker blues, burgundy, wine, and chocolate brown finishes. The pure white carnauba enhances a brilliant wet shine with deep gloss and a ?cooler? finish than the ?warmer? coloring of unbleached yellow carnaubas. White carnauba also has the added effect of full pop and clarity on metallic flecks in any painted finish. Maximize the brilliant sparkle and shine of metallic paintwork, and stand out from the crowd anywhere you drive. Choose Celeste Dettaglio for maximum clarity, shine, and pop on any dark and brilliant metallic luxury car.

Achieve A Beautiful Glowing Shine?Naturally

Celeste Dettaglio Luxury Paste Wax: Where passion meets refinement. Detailers around the world wanted a natural paste wax for shine and glow like no other on dark and metallic paint colors. Chemical Guys blended ultra-refined all-natural white grade A carnauba paste wax with natural fruit oils, nut extracts, and locally sourced beeswax. The unique blend delivers true deep wet brilliant shine. Celeste Dettaglio is hand-crafted perfection with a twist: No synthetic additives or fillers,; just pure refined waxes and oils to enrich paint and maximize shine. Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio is formulated with nature?s highest-quality ingredients to deliver the most incredible shine.

Nothing But Natural Wax And Gloss Enhancers

Nothing beats a warm natural carnauba glow. Only the best and most-refined carnauba can offer the deep, warm glow that will set your vehicle apart on the concours. Celeste Dettaglio is the perfect choice for enhancing gloss and increasing the level of protection for your vehicle?s paint. Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, it adds nothing but shine, gloss, and depth to any painted finish. The only extra leveling agents and gloss enhancers come from natural fruit and nut extracts that increase shine and promote spreadability for ease of use by any detailer, enthusiast or professional. Natural beeswax promotes durability and helps ensure one coat of Celeste lasts for up to half a year with just one application.

A Heavenly Detailing Experience For All

Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Luxury Paste Wax is nothing short of heavenly?it?s perfection perfected. Detailers around the world asked for a luxury paste wax to give the deepest, wettest shine on dark colors and metallic paint finishes, so Chemical Guys master blenders formulated Celeste Dettaglio. Natural carnauba is prized for its beautiful luster and protection capabilities, and car enthusiasts have trusted it for over 100 years. Chemical Guys blended Brazilian Carnauba with other all natural ingredients like natural fruit and nut oils, and locally-sourced beeswax for an enhanced deep wet brilliant shine. Specialty oil additives from around the world enhance the spreadability of Celeste, and natural beeswax improves protection over longer periods of time. The result is an all-natural wax that?s easy to spread and buff, and protects and shines for up to half a year with just one application. Celeste Dettaglio is the professional?s secret to make any dark and metallic paint color pop with extreme depth, wet gloss, and brilliant shine. Spread Celeste Dettaglio over black, purple, and dark blue or green paint finishes to make them glow with crystal clarity. Place a coat of Celeste over metallic finishes to make every individual flake pop straight out of the finish with full 3D effect. Serious collectors, detailing professionals, and hardcore enthusiasts choose Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio for the most brilliant shine on the darkest most luxurious colors out there.

Celeste Dettaglio: A True Show Winning Paste Wax

Celeste Dettaglio is a true ?show winning? paste wax designed and engineered to impress the human eye. Over the years, Chemical Guys detailing experts have performed hundreds of blind tests to determine exactly what features of a paste wax give the biggest ?WOW? factor. Our tests have shown that the right blend of natural oils enable the product to be more user friendly while improving bonding and durability. Chemical Guys spends countless hours developing new and innovative solutions to create the perfect detailing products and techniques. Working with one of the most passionate Detailers on this project Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth we have created something truly amazing. Some words from Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth:

“I?ve been working with Chemical Guys for quite some time now attempting to formulate a wax that works extremely well and efficiently and think we?ve finally arrived. I have just chosen the scent to accompany this unique product that has now entered its production stages and will be shipped from the USA shortly.

“I?m very excited and passionate about this adventure because like many of you, I do a lot of show preparation and I wanted to achieve a wow factor with a wax that would be an undeniable slam in the face of wetness and juxtaposition of colors that define curves to allow them to be seen as they were meant to be. During this process I have been working hands on with it and it?s been on my own car for a few months now because I find it extremely important to not only test a product before introducing it to the industry, but it?s also important to know the product from a professional detailers standpoint.

“I?m not going to spend time comparing it to other waxes because that?s too easy. But I will say that it?s exactly what I want from a wax. People that have had it applied to their cars especially at shows have seen the results it gives. I think it looked as good as it did 2 years ago and House of Kolor agreed and have already asked for her to reshow next year.”

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