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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Long lasting paint protection sealant
  • Creates a virtually-impenetrable surface shield against radiant heat, UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents, and environmental contaminants
  • Cross-linking acrylic formulation
  • Speed sealant: wipe on/wipe off
  • Bonds instantly to the surface
  • Extremely durable: over 6 months of protection against the elements
  • Enhances a glossy and lustrous wet shine
  • Super-slick zero-stick finish
  • Also available in a 1 gallon size

How It Works

Chemical Guys M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant combines the best of both worlds: durable full-synthetic paint protection with a natural glowing high-gloss shine. Detailers wax cars to protect them against the elements, not to make them shiny. For years, professionals and enthusiasts had a choice between natural carnauba waxes and full-synthetic paint protection sealants. While natural carnauba finishes with a signature warm and wet glow, synthetic sealants look cooler and brighter. Chemical Guys reformulated M-Seal with optical-select gloss enhancers to add a high-gloss and deep-wet lustrous shine to any finish. Now car owners and detailers can have everything they ever wanted in one easy-to-use product. The full-synthetic cross-linking acrylic formula bonds instantly to paintwork, creating a strong chain of protection without any curing time. Simply spread a thin coat of M-Seal over any exterior paint, polished metals, glass, and clear plastic, then buff it off immediately. The speed sealant wipe on/wipe off formula finishes super-slick with zero stick. No need to top M-Seal with any extra coats of wax for a smooth-as-glass finish: the highly-refined formula bonds perfectly and finishes so smooth that pollution, contamination, and water has nothing to stick to. Vehicles coated with M-Seal stay cleaner for longer because nothing can stick to the slick coating. Protect and shine any vehicle for over 6 months with just one coating of M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant.

Repel External Contaminants

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against your freshly-washed car. Bird droppings, water sprinkler spots, bug guts, dirt, grime, and industrial pollution all conspire to stain and destroy clean and shiny paint. Chemical Guys M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant creates a physical shield between your car’s beautiful shiny paint and the outside world. Paint looks smooth to our eyes, but under a microscope it looks more like a golfball from all the pores in the surface. Each peak and valley is a place for outside dirt, filth, and pollution to grab onto and get stuck inside. M-Seal fills in the pores and bonds directly into the paintwork to physically block any contaminants, water, or filth from sticking easily to any paintwork. Surfaces protected with M-Seal repel external contaminants, stay cleaner for longer, and take less work to clean at every weekly car wash. Keep any vehicle clean, shiny, and protected against corrosion and fading with Chemical Guys M-Seal.

Refined Formula For Amazing Versatility

Professional detailers save time and make more money by selecting the right product for the job. Chemical Guys M-Seal works in many areas to keep cars shiny while maximizing value. M-Seal works on any exterior automobile surface that is painted, shiny, or clear. Spread a thin, even coat over paintwork to reject harmful pollution, dirt, water, and solar rays that destroy the painted finish. Lay some M-Seal on the windshield and watch rainwater slip away without touching the wiper blade switch. To keep plastic headlights clear, and stop chrome, stainless steel, and polished aluminum from tarnishing, just coat them with some M-Seal every time you wax the paintwork on the car. It’s that simple. M-Seal spreads easily by hand, and by dual action polisher for faster application with less waste. The cross-linking acrylic polymer chains in M-Seal bond to paintwork immediately for a wipe-on/wipe-off application method. The ultra-refined formula finishes with a smooth-as-glass texture, and requires no additional wax coats to make any car feel slippery and brand new. Choose Chemical Guys M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant to keep any car looking and feeling how it should have when it was brand new.

Applying Science To Make Cars Shimmer And Shine

The durable protection and smooth finish of M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant comes from the nano tech cross-linking acrylic formulation. Blended with nano particles no wider than 1/75,000th the diameter of a human hair, M-Seal is as refined as is scientifically possible. The new M-Seal formula redefines gloss, protection, and easy application. The true cross-linking acrylic paint sealant formula virtually blends into paintwork, binding hard to ensure brilliant shine, extreme durability, and hearty protection. Unless you lock your vehicle in an airtight bubble, all painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of airborne pollution, industrial contamination, brake dust, and corrosive natural elements. Without any sealant or wax filling the pores of the paint, these contaminants cling to the surface and form oxides that destroy paint. Spreading a thin coat of M-Seal fills and blocks the pores of the paint from any external contaminants, and from harsh UV sunlight that fades the most beautiful radiant colors. As the sealant cures, the synthetic polymers elongate and interlock with each other to produce a finer bond. One coat of M-Seal protects and shines paintwork, glass, clear plastics, and polished metals for over 6 months. Upgrade to Chemical Guys M-Seal High Gloss Paint Protection Sealant for ultra-refined protection and shine for months on end.

Other Sizes Available

M-Seal is also available in a 1 Gallon size.

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