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Chemical Guys ,CLY_302Y,The Surface Cleansing Mitt Medium Grade Clay System

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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Makes exterior surfaces feel smooth as glass
  • Light duty mitt decontaminates light to moderate levels of filth and embedded grime
  • Large mitt design covers a huge area compared to the clay bar
  • Gently removes contamination from paintwork, glass, clear plastic, and polished metals
  • Faster and easier to use alternative to the traditional clay bar
  • Removes embedded contaminants like pollution, industrial fallout, brake dust, rail dust, tree sap, and light water spots with just a few swipes
  • Synthetic rubber clay surface is easily cleaned if ever dropped on the ground
  • Easy to grip design glides over any flat panel, every curve, and all the contours

How It Works

The Fine Grade Surface Cleansing Mitt makes paintwork feel smooth as glass faster than the traditional clay bar. Once upon a time, the clay bar revolutionized the detailing industry. Long known as “the detailer’s secret,” the clay bar restored a smooth-as-glass feel to paintwork by grabbing onto embedded surface contaminants and pulling them out without abrasive polishing or scratching the surface. Clay bar technology has evolved over the past three decades, and now the Surface Cleansing Mitt has changed the detailing game once again. This synthetic rubber clay bar substitute addresses many of the traditional clay bar’s shortcomings, and decontaminates vehicles with less effort and in less time than ever before possible. Enthusiasts were often intimidated by working with a tiny elastic clay bar when working over their entire vehicle. It could literally take hours to scrub a large SUV down with a clay bar the size of a piece of chewing gum. And once the clay bar was dropped on the ground, it had to be thrown away for fear of sanding the paintwork with any picked up dirt, dust, and gritty floor debris. The Surface Cleansing Mitt fits over the hand with its large sleeve-mitten design, and decontaminates the surface with a large rubberized working surface. Just a few swipes with the large Surface Cleansing Mitt covers a large area that would require time-consuming and intense rubbing and scrubbing with the clay bar. Plus the mitt is easy to clean and safe to use if ever dropped on the ground. Easily decontaminate paintwork, glass, clear plastics, polished metals, and carbon fiber car parts with the Surface Cleansing Mitt. Use your favorite clay bar lubricant, or a foamy mix of slick car wash soap to help the synthetic rubber mitt glide over the surface. Choose the Fine Grade Surface Cleansing Mitt to decontaminate new and well-maintained cars before a full polishing detail, or adding a fresh coat of wax.

Different Cars Need Different Attention

The Surface Cleaning Mitt uses multiple grades of rubberized synthetic detailing clay to cleanse paintwork for perfect results on any vehicle with any level of contamination. Use the Fine Cleansing Mitt on new cars, or well-maintained and looked-after cars with light to moderate contamination. Use the Medium Surface Cleansing Mitt on vehicles that sit outside without a garage, or that have not been clayed in several years.

Easy To Use Mitt Design

The traditional clay bar isn’t easy for everyone to use. Kneading the elastic putty and scrubbing a large car with the small disc can be hard for people with arthritis, or for anyone working on a large SUV. Slip on the extra-large Surface Cleansing Mitt and quickly glide over large swaths of any vehicle. The synthetic rubberized clay bar surface picks up contaminants just like the traditional clay bar, but depending on how you shape your clay bar patty, the large mitt covers an area 2-5 times larger with every swipe. A few swipes with the large mitt is just as effective as intense rubbing and scrubbing with the clay bar when removing stubborn contaminants from the surface of any vehicle. Now you can restore a smooth-as-glass feeling to paintwork, glass, clear plastics, polished metals, and even carbon fiber car parts with just a few passes of the Surface Cleansing Mitt.

Durable And Long Lasting

Traditional automotive clay bars come in 100 gram blocks, and each block can decontaminate approximately 10 full sized cars. The Surface Cleansing Mitt uses synthetic rubber and durable microfiber materials. When used, stored, and maintained as directed, these mitts can fully-decontaminate up to 50 full sized cars. Traditional detailing clay must be thrown away if dropped on the ground, the rubber surface of the Surface Cleansing Mitt can simply be rinsed and scrubbed clean with a microfiber towel and quick detail spray. The Surface Cleansing Mitt is the perfect tool for the professional or hardcore enthusiast detailing many vehicles over a long period of time.

Compatible With Different Clay Bar Lubricants

Traditional clay bars require a specialty clay bar lubricant like Chemical Guys Luber, or a high quality high lubricity quick detail spray to glide across the surface without marring the finish. Clay bars can also degrade and fall apart if lubricated with soapy solutions of car wash shampoos or other liquid detergents. The Surface Cleansing Mitt avoids these concerns thanks in part to its synthetic rubber and microfiber composition. The detailing rubber is not affected by clay bar lubricants or soapy solutions, so your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap is safe to use for decontaminating the surface. After washing your car, rinse out your soap solution bucket and fill it with fresh water and another 1 -3 ounces of your preferred Chemical Guys car wash soap. Use a foam gun or foam cannon for added lubrication on the surface, and decontaminate the car one panel at a time to remove any rough embedded debris with the Surface Cleansing Mitt.

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