Chemical Guys FLEX_443 – Headlight & Paint Water Sanding Block Kit


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  • Easy grip flexible sanding block
  • Dense pink foam hand grip for secure hold and powerful sanding
  • 2500 and 3500 self-adhesive latex sanding sheets remove paint cleanly and evenly
  • 3 of each: 2500 and 3500 grit sanding sheets
  • Plush sanding foam bends, flexes, and adapts to every curve and contour
  • Restore headlights, repairs scratches, and remove water spots and bird dropping etch marks quickly and easily
  • Remove sanding marks by machine polishing with Chemical Guys V-Line compounds and polishes and a microfiber cutting pad

How It Works

If you have faded headlights, bird dropping etch marks in paint, or you really hate that orange peel texture, then you need the Hyper Flex Water Sanding Block Kit. Wet sanding isn’t normally a fun activity. Between soaking the sandpaper overnight and scouring the paintwork with broken abrasives, it seems like only professionals can make it work. The Headlight & Paint Water Sanding Block & Restoration Kit makes wet sanding quick and easy. The Hyper Flex Sanding Block uses a soft foam core to conform to the surface for even sanding over any contour. Grab on to the solid pink handle to easily scrub and sand any imperfections down flat with total control and power. Instead of stiff sanding papers, the Hyper Flex system uses flexible latex sheets to conform to every surface for even paint removal and a smoother finish. The sanding sheets come in 2500 and 3500 grit ratings, which is perfect for wet sanding automotive paint finishes. Use the Hyper Flex Water Sanding Block Kit for superior clarity and results whenever polishing paintwork or clear optical plastics used on headlights and tail lights. Use water for wet sanding operations, or add Chemical Guys Luber to the mix for extra slick sanding with less chances of scouring and a finer finish. Polish away sanding marks with the perfect combination of compound or polish from the V-Line 4 oz sampler, then sit back and admire flawless, glossy, shiny paint. Take paint correction and restoration details up to professional levels with the Hyper Flex Water Sanding Block Kit.

Versatile Wet Sanding System

The Easy Grip Hyper Flex sanding system makes wet sanding easy for beginners or professionals. The versatile sanding sheets work great on optical plastics, single stage paint finishes, and clear coat paint finishes. Remove yellowing from oxidized and faded headlights to permanently restore clarity. Sand away etching from bird droppings or cooked-on water spots and restore perfect reflection to any painted finish. Wet sanding is the body shop’s secret for restoring the deepest reflection and shine before the final polishing steps on any vehicle. Sand away deeper defects and damage with the Headlight & Paint Water Sanding Block & Restoration Kit.

Easy Grip Sanding Block

Normal wet sanding methods use bare hands and sandpaper, or flimsy little foam rubber sleeves to push wet sandpaper over painted surfaces. Wet sanding takes a lot of practice, since any excess fingertip pressure could easily cause uneven sanding marks and ripples in paint. The large Easy Grip Hyper Flex Sanding Block uses dual foam densities for an easy-to-grip handle, and a flexible sanding surface. The dense grip and flexible sanding foam contours to any surface, and spreads out sanding pressure and force evenly across the entire sanding sheet. This results in even sanding planes and a perfectly flat surface on any paint or optical plastic finish. Choose the Easy Grip Hyper Flex Sanding System for even and easy results every time.

Synthetic Sanding Sheets For Superior Results

Traditional sandpaper uses particle abrasives glued onto sheets of paper. Wet sanding on glossy automotive paint is difficult because the particle abrasives break off the paper, then grind and gall the paintwork in uneven and unpredictable ways. Detailers compensate by flooding the area with extra water from buckets and spray bottles, but now there’s an easier way. The Hyper Flex Water Sanding system uses the flexible foam block and latex abrasive sheets to remove surface defects, oxidation, and deeper scratches from optical plastic, headlight lenses, and single stage or clear coat paint finishes. Particle abrasives are embedded securely into the flexible sanding sheets, causing less galling as the abrasives break off and stick between the sheet and the paintwork. This system conforms over curves and contours better than stiff sheets of paper, and keeps the particle abrasives on the sheet where they belong for more even results without unintended marks and scratches. The Hyper Flex Water Sanding System is the future of wet sanding for detailers and body shop technicians everywhere.

Polish Away The Wet Sanding Marks With V-Line Sampler

Wet sanding must be followed up with machine polishing. Only a machine polisher can cut hard enough to remove deep wet-sanding scratches to restore pure gloss, shine, and reflection to the painted finish. Choose from the two abrasive V32 and V34 compounds to remove the deep sanding marks and haze, then refine away any compounding marks with V36 and V38 fine polishes to restore true reflection. Professionals get the best wet sand finishing done with a microfiber cutting pad on a dual action polisher, so pair these up with your favorite polish for the best results.

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