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Chemical Guys ,CLD_677,Window Clean-Tint Safe-Ammonia Free Re-Diluteable (1 Gal)

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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Streak-free window cleaning formula
  • Safe for use on tinted windows
  • Anti-static properties reduce static cling after cleaning windows and screens
  • Easily cleans all clear surfaces
  • Works on glass, clear plastic, mirrors, screens, lenses, and more
  • Non-toxic, ammonia-free, and non-irritating for sensitive detailers
  • For best results, use with a Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel
  • Available in 16 ounce and 1 gallon sizes

How It Works

Chemical Guys Streak-Free Window Clean is window magic! Detailers and car enthusiasts everywhere always ask about cleaning tinted windows. Unlike other blue glass cleaners, Streak-Free Window Clean is ammonia-free, and safe for use on any window tint films. Clean any automotive glass inside and out without any streaks or missed spots with Streak-Free Window Clean. The gentle formula easily cleans glass, clear optical plastics, navigation screens, instrument cluster plastics, headlight and tail light lenses, and mirror parts without staining sensitive materials or leaving streaks behind. Chemical Guys manufactures products for all kinds of detailers and enthusiasts, so every bottle of Streak-Free is mixed without volatile chemicals, harsh cleaners, or caustic ingredients that could irritate sensitive eyes, noses, or skin. Take Streak-Free Window Clean in the car for quick cleanups on the road, into the home to clean off the LCD TV screens, and even into the office to clean flat panel monitors and tablet screens. The uses are practically endless, and Streak-Free Window Clean restores glass and other clear car parts to perfect optical clarity.

Clean Windows Now, Keep Them Cleaner Later

Streak-Free Window Clean removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime from any glass or clear plastic surface. But the classic problem with cleaning windows has long been the static generated by rubbing the surface with the towel. Detailers routinely wiped down the windshield and side windows only to find a fine layer of dust obstructing their view a few minutes later! Streak-Free Window Clean is blended with static-inhibiting agents that dissipate the charge generated by rubbing the towel on the glass. Streak-Free Window Clean cleans windows, and helps keep them cleaner for longer by not attracting extra dirt and dust to the perfectly-clear surface. Enjoy crystal-clear windows and lenses for longer than ever with just a couple spritzes of Streak-Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner.

Safe For Window Tint And Sensitive Plastics

Professional detailers have to use the right products for the job; if they break or stain something, chances are they won’t be called back again! Streak-Free Window Clean delivers the high quality results that professionals and hardcore enthusiasts demand. Dirt and debris simply disappear with a few sprays, but window tint stays right where it is. The gentle cleaners in Streak-Free Window Clean do not harm window tint film, or the adhesives that hold the films to the window. Cheap blue glass cleaners attack tint films, staining the clarity causing bubbles that ruin the look and functionality of the part. Streak-Free Window Clean is safe to use on any tint film on automotive glass, storefront windows, office glass, and on electronic device screens. Remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from any clear bits in and around your car with the gentle cleaning powers of Chemical Guys Streak-Free Window Clean.

A New Level Of Versatility

Another feature that professionals look for when choosing their tools is versatility. If one product works to clean multiple parts, it saves them time, and money. Streak-Free Window Clean is the world’s most versatile glass cleaner. Easily clean plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows, headlights, tail lights, LCD navigation screens, and even plastic and glass mirrors with leaving behind any streaks, spots, or stains. The eco-friendly Window Clean formula works great on clear plastic windows found on convertible tops and adventure vehicles. Streak-Free Window Clean is not caustic, and is safe for use on tinted windows and other protection films. Have stubborn dead bugs and road grime on headlights and tail lights? Easily clean them away with a quick spray of Streak-Free Window Clean. Unsure about cleaning sensitive electrical control panels or buttons? Mist Window Clean onto towel first, then gently wipe up any debris without saturating any components. Pick up a bottle today, and see why professionals around the world prefer Chemical Guys Streak-Free Window Clean.

Other Sizes Available

Streak-Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner is available in 16 ounce and 1 gallon sizes.

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