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Chemical Guys ,CLDSPRAY100,Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner (16 oz)

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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Our fastest glass cleaner ever!
  • Effort-free glass cleaning
  • Rapidly removes stubborn film & haze from windows and mirrors, leaving an ultra-clear, streak-free crystal clear glass
  • No mess, drip free spray eliminates dripping, streaking and swirls
  • Pleasant fresh scent
  • A little bit of Glass Only goes a long way
  • Safe for OEM tinted windows (Not recommended for aftermarket tint, always test in an inconspicuous spot first)
  • For best results, use with a Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel

How It Works

Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner is the glass cleaner you have been waiting for! The newest addition to our already impressive line up of glass cleaners. Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner is a specially formulated spray that delivers powerful glass cleaning foam developed to eliminate stubborn dirt and grime fast. Life is too short to be seen through dirty windows! Enjoy the view a little more with the perfect foaming glass cleaner from Chemical Guys. Dirty windows can be tough to look at, and equally difficult to see through, making them safety hazards. Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner has been synthesized without harsh chemicals such as ammonia, which wreaks havoc on soft plastics, vinyls and accents. Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner contains powerful surfactants with positively charged ionic compounds that attract negatively charged dirt particles akin to a chemical magnet. Glass Only’s formula precisely sprays to the target area and clings to dirt, grime, and stubborn sap without any messy dripping found in water based household cleaners. Individuals with ammonia sensitivity can clean their windows with confidence because Glass Only is Ammonia-free. Glass Only does more than just clean windows it even smells great. Just remember, life’s too short to be viewed through dirty windows; so grab a can of Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner and bring some clarity to your world.

A More Efficient Glass Cleaner

Driving with dirty windows is annoying and dangerous, yet most people dread cleaning them. Besides leaving streaks, household glass cleaners create messes equally as they clean them. Glass Only by Chemical Guys makes cleaning your dirty windows and mirrors simple, fast, and safe. Cleaning glass properly involves a two step process combining proper technique with the right cleaning product. Chemical Guys Glass Only refined formula removes those stubborn stains that impair vision and endanger safety. Spray Glass Only on filthy windows and mirrors inside and out. Marvel at the foaming action which effectively latches on to dirt and hard to remove oils. As the foam rises, it actively extracts the pollutants from your glass using positively charged ionic compounds. Dirt that’s allowed to settle on your windows solidifies, and forms a bond, making it harder to extract, so spraying a foaming glass cleaner extends the contact time between the foam and glass. Unlike household glass cleaners, Glass Only’s foam latches onto dirt with its foaming bubbles. Glass Only stays firmly in place allowing you to use a minimal amount of product while achieving the best possible results. Having a foaming cleaner cuts down on cleaning time as a result of covering more surface area without the need for resprays.

Foam Cleaning Action for Clear Results

Chemical Guys Glass Only Foam Glass Cleaner is all about providing you with clear results. With a few sprays of Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner, dirt and debris simply disappear. The advanced foaming glass cleaner decontaminates the area fast, and reduces static cling to help repel future dirt and dust. While generic window cleaners leave streaks and harm window tint, the foaming formula of Glass Only restores streak-free clarity without staining or damaging tint films or clear plastics. Most household cleaners contain ammonia or bleach which can damage sensitive materials in your car by causing peeling, scratching, stripping, or dehydration. Glass Only’s ammonia-free formula lubricates the glass to prevent scratching, making it quick and simple to rub off unsightly stains, and restore your car’s windows and mirrors to prime operating condition. If you demand nothing but perfect clarity whenever driving down the road, choose Chemical Guys Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner whenever cleaning glass and clear plastics inside, or outside your vehicle.

Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

Are you like most people that dread cleaning glass due to always resulting in streaks and swirls? Fear no more, Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner makes cleaning glass a fun and easy task. Glass Only doesn’t leave any messes behind, so you won’t have to spray repeatedly. Glass Only’s foaming action lubricates the glass and allows you to clean efficiently with powerful surfactants that gently lifts the dirt from your car’s glass. To use Glass only effectively and restore the absolute purity of your vehicle’s glass, lightly spray the product on your mirrors and windshields. Allow the foam to sit for a moment, the bubbling effect will loosen hardened deposits of filth and grime. Grab a premium Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel, we recommend using a Waffle Weave towel for optimal cleaning, and fold the corners until your towel resembles a square. Use two microfiber towels, one towel to clean to the glass, the second towel to buff off any streaks. Be sure sure to clean the inside as well as the outside of your car to restore maximum clarity. Never drive with dirty windows ever again with Chemical Guys Glass Only, never miss a moment.

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