Chemical Guys ,AIR_302,Black Frost & Signature Scent (16oz) Combo Pack


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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Fun air freshener combo pack for him and her
  • Black Frost Scent: Frost-fueled fragrance
  • Signature Scent: The smell of success!
  • Remember fun times and good memories
  • Eliminate odors and reduce new odors over time
  • Works inside the car, office, locker room, home, and anywhere foul odors are
  • Great to share with friends
  • Caution: May cause vivid flashbacks to better times and a sense of euphoria
  • Also available in a?4 ounce?size

What’s Included?

The Ultimate His & Her Scent Kit

The inside of a car is a personal space of conveyance. For those of you sharing personal space with a special someone, now you?ve got something for him, and something for her. Introducing the Black Frost & Signature Scent Combo Pack from Chemical Guys. Freshen the air and purge old musty smells from automobile interiors and other enclosed spaces with just a spritz of your favorite Chemical Guys air freshener scents. Enjoy Black Frost: the scent of the sophisticated gentleman on a nightclub rendezvous. The refined frost-fueled cologne scent is perfect for good clean fun anywhere, any time. For all the other times, the ladies get to mist their love potion distilled from that ohh-so-familiar scent that you simply don?t smell anywhere else: Signature Scent. The sweet perfume is perfect for the fun-loving femme fatale out on a seductive conquest. Now, unlike cheap air fresheners, Chemical Guys scents are true odor eliminators. Specialty enzymes attack and destroy odor-causing maladies, erasing foul smells at their source. Even after the long-lasting fragrances wear away into the ether, you?re greeted by the sweet smell of nothing: no foul odors. Upgrade your air freshener game, and pick up one for him and one for her with the Chemical Guys Black Frost & Signature Scent Combo Pack.

Signature Scent: The Smell Of Success

Signature Stripper Scent Air Freshener perfumes the air with the smell of success. Chemical Guys master chemists distilled that ohh-so-familiar scent you won?t smell anywhere else and blended it with natural odor-elimination enzymes for a clean air experience any time. The fun fragrance evokes memories made on the shiny brass poles and in the shadowy private booths of elegant clubs. Was her name Summer? Candy? Cinnamon? Even if you couldn?t take her home, here?s a keepsake for every occasion! Signature Stripper Scent Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator purges foul smells from any car, truck, SUV, home, or office. Remove funky AC smells, sweaty gym bag odors, cooking essences, and horrible bathroom maladies with just two quick sprays of Stripper Scent. Natural enzymes attack and destroy odor-causing elements to remove odors at the source. Keep a bottle of Stripper Scent in the car, in the house, in the locker room, and anywhere else foul odors rear their ugly heads to offend the nostrils. Tired of foul smells ruining your boring routine? Clear the air with a spritz of good memories and exciting times with Stripper Scent Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator!

Black Frost Air Freshener

It?s mystery in every spray. The bold aroma of Black Frost Air Freshener will fill your car with the thrilling scent of rebellion and independence. It?s the scent for the moment you know you?re taking that hot blonde home. Say hello to Black Frost: the seductive scent of the gentleman on a nightclub rendezvous. When the crisp musk fills the air, there is no doubt that sexual desires are on the prowl. Chemical Guys Black Frost Air Freshener is masculinity in a bottle. One spray will have you feeling as if you are walking through the night club with supreme swag and confidence. The mysterious scent awakens primal urges, opening up a world of possibilities for a great night. Black Frost Air Freshener removes nasty odors from the vehicle using an advanced odor neutralizer. Easily eliminate food, body, and pet odors from any car, truck, and RV. Great for household and hotel use. One spray is all you need to experience swagger. Practice Chemical Guys Black Frost responsibly and safely.

How Smell Affects Perception

Successful businesses use pleasing scents to satisfy customers. High end stores, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and casinos have been paying attention to scents for decades. Think about the last time you walked The Strip in Las Vegas: did you notice nice smells when you walked into the hotels or clubs? It wasn?t on accident. Institutions keep their facilities clean and pump fragrances through ventilation ducts to maximize the effect. If you like the way a place smells, there?s a chance that you?ll rate your experience there more positively than you would have otherwise.

Natural Odor Eliminators

Black Frost and Signature Scent Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator are concentrated long-lasting premium air fresheners with natural enzymatic odor eliminators. These enzymes destroy odor-causing maladies to permanently eliminate old smells and reduce new ones from popping up. Use Black Frost and Signature Scent sparingly, or dilute accordingly for a pleasant perfume with long-lasting deodorizing abilities.

Dilution Ratio

Ready to use.

More Sizes Available

The Black Frost & Signature Scent Combo Kit is also available in a?4 ounce?size.

How To Use:
Clean fabric areas with carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner to remove any stains before using this product. Concentrated – always dilute according to desired needs. Because this product is also a bacteria killer, it is recommended that is it used on seats, carpets, upholstery, trunks, door handles, dashboards, steering wheels, air vents and more (anywhere bacteria will live). Unlimited household uses – pet areas, gym bags, closets, litter box areas, bathroom, garage and more!

1. Lightly mist product over desired surface.
2. Product will dry on surface (a little bit goes a long way, do not saturate the surface).
3. Enjoy this fresh new scent.

Caution – manufactured for professionals. Keep out of reach of children. If first aid is required while using this product see the product label for further instructions and contact a physician immediately.

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Weight 1.21 kg
Dimensions 4.9 × 3.9 × 7.8 cm


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