Chemical Guys ,ACC_G07,LITTLE PITO- Detail Brush Wooden Handle w/ long Horse Hair


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Little Pito gives some “change” to the way professional detailers use their brushes…
After the immense succesful Goat-Brush we received some enquiries for a smaller size brush which can be used for even smaller applications around and inside any vehicle…

Little Pito is a very big help on wheels to clean wheel-bolts and ventiles, on trims, on air-intakes etc… etc…
The quality is in the horse-hair that really makes the word “versatile” count for the large number of appications you can use it for…

Horse-hair is very gentle and scratch-free?to any surface tough effective on cleaning any surface. Little Pito is safe to use in the smallest areas you can find…
It is easy to use in conbination with an all purpose cleaner, wheelcleaner, dressing and detailer… Just like that!



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