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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Car dusting wand
  • Gently removes dust for a scratch-less shine
  • Relies on static electricity, rather than pressure, to remove dust
  • Made with fluffy Australian Merino wool
  • The perfect tool for gentle exterior dusting
  • 100% wax and chemical free
  • Also available in the small interior duster size

About This Duster

The Dust Monster is a fluffy Australian Merino wool car duster. It is made from the highest quality Australian-grown wool, and uses all natural materials in its construction. Unlike traditional car dusters that use chemicals or cheap wax-covered cotton fibers, the Dust Monster is made of the finest grade premium quality wool from Australian-raised Merino Sheep. This fine wool is renowned for its extra-fluffy and extra-soft touch in clothing, yarn, and fabrics. The Dust Monster uses static cling, rather than pressure, to safely pull dust off from sensitive car paintwork. The Dust Monster uses only all natural premium wool for the duster, and ecologically-sourced wood for the duster wand handle. As you twirl the duster, you generate static that attracts dust like a magnet. The static charge safely lifts dust from the surface, so no surface pressure is necessary. The Dust Monster is ideal while detailing to remove polishing dust from painted surfaces prior to waxing or sealing. The Dust Monster leaves the surface perfectly clean and dust-free without placing unwanted oils back onto the polished surface.

Soft Sheep Make Soft Detailing Tools

The Dust Monster Auto Duster is made with genuine Merino wool for an extra-soft touch on any vehicle. The Merino is a breed of sheep prized for its extremely soft wool, regarded by some to be the finest and softest wool in the world. Today, these sheep are largely cultivated in Australia, the world?s leading producer of Merino wool. Everything, from scarves to sweaters, and jacket insulation to yarn is made from this extra soft and fluffy wool. Auto detailing specialists choose soft, fluffy, and wispy strands of fine Merino wool to gently and safely remove dust from your vehicle’s paint finish. The handle of the Dust Monster is sourced from sustainable wood producers, and uses no synthetic materials or caustic pollutants in its production. The wood handle provides a solid and firm grip while also insulating the user from the static on the duster. The handle is finished with a natural leather hanging strap for easy storage. The Extra Large Dust Monster measures 25 inches long with a 12 inch long wood handle. Easily reach over any large vehicle surface to gently remove dust without installing any swirls or scratches with the Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster.

The Only Choice For Serious Auto Collectors

Serious auto collectors, hardcore enthusiasts, and car museum curators all choose The Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster to maintain their vehicles. Presenting or storing a car indoors is one of the best ways to preserve a flawless shine and clean finish. But just like bookshelves, desks, and TV screens, cars attract a lot of dust while sitting in a garage, museum, or hangar. Professionals reach for the Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster when they need to remove light indoor dust from their showpieces or garage queens. The extra soft tool needs only to be lightly waved over the paintwork to remove dust. The lack of abrasive rubbing and scrubbing with a towel or wax-covered cotton tool virtually eliminates all chances of installing ugly swirls and scratches that ruin a shiny finish. A couple passes with the Dust Monster quickly turns a dusty car into a spotless shiny one. Maintain your pampered cruiser, fleet of customers? cars, or an entire museum of pristine automobile examples with the soft touch of the Dust Monster Auto Duster, and leave nothing behind.

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