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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Easily clean small cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach parts
  • Perfect for heavy cleaning and fine detailing
  • Versatile cleaning tool
  • Versatile size and usability across any vehicle
  • Use for interior and exterior detailing jobs
  • Chemical resistant handle and bristles for long-lasting brush
  • Soft plastic handle and ferrule help prevent scratches
  • Premium soft boar?s hair bristles clean without scratching surfaces
  • Great for both interior and exterior detailing

About This Brush

The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is the versatile brush designed for fine interior and exterior detailing. The Goat Brush is made with fine boar?s hair bristles, and durable plastic parts. Boar?s hair is renowned for its soft touch on sensitive surfaces, and tough durability to last for years of heavy cleaning use. The soft plastic handle and ferrule are lightweight, chemical resistant, and scratch-resistant across sensitive surfaces like paintwork and polished metals. Use the Goat Boar?s Hair Detail Brush to clean and detail interior parts, such as AC vents, cupholders, seat cracks, and leather. The Goat Brush is perfect for detailing and cleaning filthy exterior parts like emblems, grilles, lug nuts, wheel and rim crevices and seams, brake calipers, and all over engine bays. Spray your favorite Chemical Guys all-purpose cleaner or degreaser on the dirty parts and into the brush bristles, then agitate the dirt, grease, and grime out from the surface with the soft boar?s hair bristles. The gentle scrubbing action suds up the cleaner, knocks dirt and debris loose from the surface, then suspends it up in the foam where it is easily rinsed or wiped away. The compact design easily fits into tight cracks and crevices, and makes the Goat Brush the most versatile fine detailing and cleaning brush available. Choose the Goat Boar?s Hair Detail Brush for interior and exterior fine detailing and heavy duty cleaning work.

Premium Scratch-Free Brush

All parts of the Goat Brush are designed to clean surfaces without scratching sensitive areas. The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is perfect for cleaning sensitive wheels, trunk emblems, leather upholstery, cupholders, consoles, AC vents, switches, gauges, and engine bays. The soft boar?s hair bristles are durable and chemical resistant for aggressive cleaning powers, but have a soft feel for a scratch-free touch on sensitive surfaces like paintwork. The durable plastic handle is abrasion resistant, and chemical resistant for years of use with any detailing cleaner or degreaser. Normal parts cleaning brushes have metal ferrules to hold bristles onto the handle. These metal parts can dent and scratch sensitive parts like paintwork and polished metal. The Goat Brush features a soft plastic ferrule that absorbs impacts and prevents scratches and dents on sensitive areas when accidental contact occurs. Choose the Goat Boar?s Hair Detail Brush for cleaning and detailing in tight areas around any vehicle.

Use One For Light Cleaning, One For Heavy Cleaning

Professional detailers and enthusiasts find unlimited uses for the Goat Boar?s Hair Detail Brush inside and outside every vehicle. The Goat Brush is tough enough to take down heavy grease and oil from engine bays, but gentle enough to clean trunk emblems without scratching paintwork. Clean sensitive leather with the gentle Leather Cleaner diluted 6:1, or at full strength for exceptionally dirty upholstery. Dilute the colorless and odorless NONSENSE all purpose cleaner 20:1 to clean all interior parts, like cup holders, door handles, armrests, and kick panels. Remove embedded dirt and filth from trunk emblems and badges with a couple drops of any Chemical Guys car wash soap in a spray bottle full of water. Use Signature Series Orange Degreaser diluted 6:1 to remove oil and grime from engine bays and greasy undercarriage parts. Remove stubborn brake dust from tight wheel crevices and lugnuts with Diablo Wheel Gel or Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. The possibilities are endless: choose the Goat Boar?s Hair Detail Brush for any fine detailing task throughout any automobile.

Extended Detailing Techniques

The Goat Brush is good for cleaning and finishing tasks on and beyond the automobile. Spread water or oil-based dressings on low-profile tires and thin textured plastic and rubber trim pieces and weather stripping seals with the Goat Brush. Clean hard-to-reach spots around the home or office with the long reach of the Goat Brush and soft boar?s hair bristles. Spread egg wash, glaze, butter, and oils over pies and pastries with the soft all-natural bristles. The possibilities are endless! Pick up a Goat Brush Boar?s Hair Detail Brush for any detailing task around the car, home, office, and beyond.

Why?s It Called ?The Goat??

People often ask why its called ?The Goat? brush if it?s made with Boar?s Hair bristles.

The answer is simple: The bristles look like a Goatee!


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