Chemical Guys HOL315 – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit (3 Items)


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About This Product


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit (3 Items)

About This Kit

Accidents happen. No matter how hard you try and how careful you are, something always ends up spilling. Maybe that light colored interior has turned a few shades darker than new, or worse, you?ve even forgotten what the original color actually was. Whether you need to brighten up your interior or take care of spot stains, the Chemical Guys Carpet Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for all your fabric woes. The three-piece kit includes our powerful Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo that not only cleans the grimiest surfaces but also eliminates odors at the source. The highly concentrated formula can be diluted into the provided spray bottle to different strengths to tackle all levels of filth from ?light-patina? to ?oh-crap-there-goes-my-mocha.? Use the Chemical Guys Drill Attachment Brush to safely scrub away stubborn stains without the accompanying arm workout. After all, today?s leg day, not arm day.

Just Add a Drill

Sometimes it can be hard to find the stuff that actually works in the overwhelming expanse of car cleaning products, so we?ve done it for you! This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to tackle that dirty interior and get your car looking as good as it did new. All you need is a drill; everything else is included. Simply dilute the Foaming Citrus Fabric Cleaner into the provided heavy-duty bottle and spray liberally onto that unsightly carpet or upholstery. Instantly, the Fabric Clean Shampoo will get to work breaking down contaminants, filth, and stains deep within the fibers. Now, this is when you would normally start scrubbing until your arm falls off, but the innovators at Chemical Guys came up with a solution to keep your arm intact and your gym in business. The patented Carpet Brush attaches to your home drill to rigorously scrub carpets and dislodge those old stains in a cinch. If you have a busy life as we do, we know you?ll appreciate just how much time this device saves you.

More than Just a Cleaner

Remember that squeaky clean feeling after a bubble bath as a kid? Give your car that same treatment! Bubbles aren?t just for fun; they float the dirt particles to the surface of the material for easy cleanup with a just a microfiber towel or a hot water extractor. If your fabric looks terrible, it probably smells worse. Luckily, scrubbing with Fabric Clean not only restores the look of your fabric and upholstery, but it also destroys foul odors at their source. Now, no one will ever know about that time you spilled your macchiato in your mom’s convertible. Or that time the dog got diarrhea in the backseat? There are a few essential things everyone should have in their car care arsenal. This kit is one of them. The possibilities are endless for this versatile product: use it on carpets, fabric, and upholstery in the car, home, or anywhere!

Always be Ready

Speed is critical with spills. Tackling them right when they happen will ensure they don?t set and become a permanent eyesore. Even though you?re careful, you can?t prevent the clumsiness of your passengers, kids, or pets. Keep a bottle in your trunk for those unexpected incidents and one at home because it works everywhere. Don?t wait until you need it; always be ready for unexpected spills and sticky situations with the Chemical Guys Carpet Cleaning Kit.

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