Car Leather Lovers Cleaning Kit


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What’s Included?

Why Buy This Product?

  • Clean, restore, and protect leather with one convenient package
  • Leather Cleaner removes body oils, filth, and stains without drying out leather
  • Leather Conditioner nourishes and restores nutrients and a soft feel
  • Leather Serum conditions and protects leather against harsh UV sunlight, light stains, and spills
  • Sprayable Leather cleans and conditions lightly-dirty leather in one easy step
  • Leather Scent eliminates odors at their source and spreads the distinct musk of freshly-tanned brand new leather
  • Workhorse Microfiber Towels soak up dirt and stains and dry leather to a crisp matte sheen
  • Workhorse Microfiber Applicator Pad spreads the perfect amount of leather creams and coatings

About This Kit

Enthusiasts love the smooth feel, supple flexibility, and distinct scent of fine leather. Without proper care and maintenance, leather breaks down and degrades due to continuous use, the harsh elements, and the ravages of time. The Chemical Guys Leather Lovers’ Kit covers every base to keep leather clean and soft, and free from cracking or greasy residues that ruin the look. New and well-maintained leather looks crisp and dry with a satiny matte sheen. Leather seats, steering wheels, and shift knobs accumulate body oils and residues that leave a greasy shine. Use Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, and Leather Serum for deep-cleaning and restoration on dirty leather upholstery and accessories. Use Sprayable Leather for faster cleanups and restoration on lightly-dirty leather pieces. Love fresh leather scent all the time? Mist a few spritzes of Leather Scent Air Freshener around the vehicle for the musk of fresh and new leather. Keep all leather upholstery, clothing, and accessories fresh, crisp, and clean with the Chemical Guys Leather Lovers’ Kit.

Leather Cleaner

Clean off body oils, dirt, and grime with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner. The colorless and odorless cleaner is gentle on leather, but tough on filth and oils. pH-balanced cleaning agents lift and separate dirt, oil, and filth from leather, pleather, and vinyl surfaces without drying out the material or leaving chalky white residues. Leather Cleaner is safe to use on OEM and custom natural leather, King’s Ranch leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather like vinyl and neoprene. Start any full leather detail by cleaning away filth with Leather Cleaner so any leather creams and conditioners penetrate better for greater effect.

Leather Conditioner And Leather Serum

Restore a soft and supple feel and rich color to leather pieces with Leather Protectant Serum, and Leather Conditioner. Leather Conditioner is like lotion for leather: nourishing and restoring lost nutrients for a soft and supple feel. Leather Serum is like sunscreen: protecting against harsher UV sunlight and light spills and stains. Leather Conditioner and Serum restore a fresh satin appearance and soft and supple feel to leather by replacing lost nutrients like Vitamin E and Aloe. Specialty UV blockers help repel harsh sunlight and protect against cracking and fading. Nourish, protect, and restore leather with Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Protectant Serum so it lasts longer, and looks better for years to come.

Sprayable Leather

Use Sprayable Leather for fast cleanups and protection in between deep leather cleanings and full details. In one step, Sprayable Leather cleans light dirt, oil, and stains, and nourishes leather with Vitamin E and Aloe to restore a soft and supple feel. Sprayable Leather is perfect for those who want a brighter and shinier finish on show car leather upholstery, fashionable leather apparel, and flashy accessories.

Leather Scent

Chemical Guys Leather Scent is more than just an air freshener: it’s an odor eliminator. Leather Scent freshens any space with the distinct musk of freshly-tanned fine leather. Specialty enzymes destroy odor-causing agents to stop odors at their source. Flush automobile AC systems with Leather Scent to replace foul mildew odors with fresh leather scent. Mist a few spritzes of Leather Scent in the car, truck, den, smoking room, clubhouse, or anywhere else a fine leather musk is desired.

Microfiber Towels And Applicator Pad

Wiping, scrubbing, and conditioning leather surfaces with the wrong towel or applicator can take too much time, and produce sub-par results. Choose the Chemical Guys Workhorse lineup of microfiber towels, applicator pads, and accessories for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting leather surfaces. Workhorse towels are made with premium 70/30 microfiber for a soft and absorbent touch that won’t damage or scratch sensitive leather in fine automobiles or furnishings. The Workhorse Applicator Pad spreads a perfectly even coat of any leather conditioning cream to ensure a uniform appearance over any seat, bag, accessory, or appointment.

Dilution Ratio

  • Leather Cleaner
    • Ready to use for exceptionally dirty leather
    • Dilute up to 8:1 for lighter duty leather cleaning needs
  • Leather Conditioner
    • Ready to use
  • Leather Serum
    • Ready to use
  • Sprayable Leather
    • Ready to use
  • Leather Scent
    • Ready to use
    • Dilute up to 8:1 for less intense air freshening needs


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