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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Removes defects and scratches
  • Polishes gel coat, fiberglass, and more
  • Protects against marine elements
  • Polishes and protects in one-step
  • Restores boats and watercraft to a deep shine

How It Works

Chemical Guys Boat Polish & Sealant is a one-step product for fast scratch and defect removal with durable protection for boats and watercraft. The advanced abrasives in Boat Polish & Sealant start strong to quickly cut down deep scratches and defects, then break down into a fine polish to restore luster and shine to gel coat, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces. Blended synthetic sealants protect the lustrous mirror shine against water spots, pollution and UV sunlight. Use Boat Polish & Sealant to cut away oxidation, faded gel coat, scratches, stuck on salt, and crustaceans, then protect the surface from the elements. Boat Polish & Sealant restores shine to any boat, watercraft, boat trailers, and other fiberglass or gel coat surfaces. Boat Polish & Sealant restores the finish of boats and watercraft, and protects marine surfaces from the effects of sea water, salt spray, UV solar rays, and more. For best results, use a dual action machine polisher to remove defects and refine the finish to like-new condition. Follow up the polishing process with your favorite Chemical Guys Boat Wax for enhanced shine and warm depth.

Fast Defect And Scratch Removal

Boats and watercraft are constantly exposed to harsh elements: UV sunlight, salt water, salt spray, pollution, industrial fallout, fuel, oil, and cretaceous marine life. Improper cleaning and surface abrasion scratches and damages surface gel coat and fiberglass, which leaves swirls and deep scratches in the finish. Extreme temperatures, UV light, and corrosive salt spray oxidize finishes and turn them chalky and white. Use Chemical Guys Boat Polish & Sealant to polish the surface and remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, and defects for a mirror shine on any boat finish. Machine polishing is the only true “fix” for scratches, swirls, oxidation, and defects. Restore a deep lustrous and shiny finish to your boat or watercraft with Chemical Guys Boat Polish & Sealant.

Enhanced Protection Against Water Spots

Water spots are a problem on paint and metal, but a real hazard on windows and glass. Bad water spots can etch into glass or plastic, destroy clarity of the window, and reduce visibility to dangerous levels. Normal glass cleaners can remove light water spots, but do nothing to prevent future ones. Chemical Guys Boat Glass Cleaner is the only aquatic glass cleaner that uses synthetic marine sealant technology to repel water and help prevent future water spots from reducing optical clarity over time. Windows treated with Boat Glass Cleaner stay cleaner and clearer for longer than untreated windows. Because water doesn’t stick to the window, the hard salt and minerals cannot dry on and etch into the material.

Versatile Formula Safe For All Optical Materials

Chemical Guys Boat Glass Cleaner is safe for use on interior and exterior marine glass surfaces. Use Boat Glass Cleaner on glass, plexiglass, clear plastic, gauge clusters, nav screens, and mirrors. Boat Glass Cleaner is safe on window tint, will not stain or discolor plastic, and will not affect other surfaces like gel coat, fiberglass, metal, paint, or fabric. Boat Glass Cleaner cleans and protects windows and clear coverings for maximum optical clarity, and reduces the effort and time needed to maintain those surfaces over time. Clean and protect your aquatic glass and clear coverings with Chemical Guys Boat Glass Cleaner.

Durable Protection For Prolonged Shine

Chemical Guys Boat Polish & Sealant is blended with specialty marine sealants that block out future contamination, spots, stains, and UV damage. The sealants bond directly to and fill the microscopic pores on the surface of paint, gel coat, fiberglass, plastic, polished metal, glass, and more. With the pores filled in and sealed against the environment, the treated surfaces reject future staining and contamination from water, salt spray, oil and diesel, UV sunlight, pollution, industrial fallout, marine life, and mineral buildup. Boat Polish & Sealant restores gloss and shine, and protects the new finish from contamination and staining for up to 6 months. For added protection, gloss, and shine, follow Boat Polish & Sealant with Chemical Guys Show Boat Wax.

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