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Why Buy This Product?

  • Remove deep defects and scratches
  • Polishes gel coat, fiberglass, and more
  • Prepares boat for final polish
  • Advanced abrasive technology
  • Designed specifically for boats and watercraft

How It Works

Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound uses heavy abrasives for quick and easy removal of defects and buildup on boats and watercraft. The heavy abrasives in Boat Heavy Compound quickly remove heavy scratches, swirls, defects, and marine buildup from fiberglass and gel coat hulls and surfaces. Use Boat Heavy Compound to cut away deep scratches, oxidation, faded gel coat, salt buildup, and contamination. The compound cuts hard to restore luster and shine to gel coat, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces. Use Boat Heavy Compound to restore shine to any boat, watercraft, trailer, and other fiberglass or gel coat surfaces. The advanced Boat Heavy Compound is designed to be safe for the environment and marine wildlife. Boat Heavy Compound easily removes defects and refines the finish to like-new condition with any dual action polisher. Restore the original shine back to any boat, watercraft or trailer with Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound.

Heavy Cutting Power For Heavy Defects

Marine environments are tough on boats and watercraft. Salt water, UV sunlight, and improper cleaning take their toll on fiberglass, gel coat, plastic, and painted finishes. Corrosive seawater builds up on the surface to destroy optical clarity, while UV sunlight oxidizes and degrades materials at the molecular level. Chemical Guys Heavy Boat Compound cuts away faded gel coat, oxidation, mineral buildup, and cretaceous marine life to restore optical clarity and lustrous shine. Machine polishing with Boat Heavy Compound is the only method that repairs heavy scratches, swirls, and defects without expensive refinishing or repainting. Restore reflection, remove contamination, and create the perfect base finish to protect and shine for years with Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound.

Versatile For All Watercraft Parts

Typical boats and jet skis are made from a wide variety of lightweight materials. Boat Heavy Compound cuts away defects, scratches, and contamination from painted finishes, aluminum, fiberglass, gel coat, polished metal, and plastic parts from any watercraft. Polish away faded gel coat and oxidized paint from sun-beaten parts above the waterline to restore luster and shine. Cut back crusty barnacles and salt buildup from below the waterline for a smooth finish with improved performance through the water. Erase heavy water spots and oxidation from metal rails and trim pieces for a bright and true reflection. The advanced abrasives in Boat Heavy Compound remove defects and restore the finish all around boats and watercraft.

Prepare Surfaces For Final Polish And Deep Lustrous Shine

Polishing is a multi-step process that physically removes tiny amounts of material to reveal a flat, lustrous surface once again. Polishing with a machine is the only way to permanently repair surface defects like swirls, scratches, and oxidation without resorting to drastic measures like repainting and refinishing a surface. Heavier levels of contamination, oxidation, and damage like swirls and scratches require heavier abrasives and compounds to cut away the deeper defects. Boat Heavy Compound knocks down the heaviest damage and defects to set up the rest of the polishing process for success. Follow up Boat Heavy Compound and refine the finish with Revive Boat Polish or Boat Polish & Sealant for a deep-wet lustrous shine. Protect the shiny surface from pollution, salt water, contamination, and UV sunlight with Chemical Guys Boat Wet Wax.

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