Chemical Guys ,ACC_102,Chamois- Huge Water Sprite Drying Chamois (5.5 Square Foot)


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  • Fastest and easiest way to dry multiple vehicles
  • Soft and highly-absorbent drying chamois
  • Leaves no lint, no streaks, and no spots
  • Use like a sponge to dry the car after the wash
  • Unique non-clinging texture will not grab or scratch paint, or remove car wax coats
  • Dry off cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats, trailers, windows, and more
  • Synthetic materials resist mold, mildew, and bacteria that destroy old leather chamois
  • Resists car-cleaning chemicals and detergents
  • Machine washable for ultra-clean use day after day

About This Chamois

The Water Sprite is a modern take on the traditional drying chamois. This synthetic chamois dries fast, leaves behind no streaks, no water spots, and no lint. This is the perfect car-drying tool for anybody drying a lot of cars in a short amount of time. Old-school leather chamois get hard, wear out, and scratch paint. The full-synthetic Water Sprite Chamois holds more water than any traditional leather chamois or cotton towel, and its unique non-clinging texture is soft, non-abrasive, and will not grab onto the paint to cause swirl marks or scratches or wear down wax coatings. Simply glide the Water Sprite Drying Chamois over the surface to soak up standing water after a car wash once all the dirt is removed for trouble-free drying. The long-lasting synthetic chamois is machine washable, and is not eaten alive by mold, mildew, or bacteria like traditional leather chamois. But just like old school chamois, the more you use the Water Sprite, the better it gets! The surface smooths out more and more to become softer, more absorbent, and more flexible to hug every curve and contour on your car. This huge chamois covers 5 and a half square feet, so use it whole to dry your big SUV, or cut it in half to easily work around smaller cars and motorcycles. Keep it in the garage or mobile detailing rig to dry the car after a wash, or bring it in the house to wipe down the counters, shower doors, or bathroom mirrors. The uses are endless, and the Water Sprite Synthetic Drying Chamois outperforms and outlasts the competition!

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