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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Cleans, conditions, and dries all types of buffing pads
  • Works with virtually any machine
  • Fast and efficient way to clean polishing pads
  • Adjusts to accommodate any buffing pad size
  • Comes with a bottle of Polishing Pad Cleaner

How It Works

The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the professional’s secret to clean and condition every type of buffing and polishing pad. Polishing automobile paintwork to remove swirls and scratches and restore a high-gloss shine requires a machine polisher, buffing pad, and polishing compound. As the job wears on, these pads fill up with paint residues and used abrasives that reduce polishing effectiveness. Now detailers and body shop technicians can easily clean and refresh polishing pads for efficient polishing work with the Universal Pad Washer. Clean out foam pads, wool pads, microfiber pads, Hex-Logic Pads, and Quantum Pads to remove residues that affect polishing results and ruin expensive buffing pads. The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer works with any rotary polisher, dual action polisher, or large-throw orbital machine from the biggest manufacturers like TORQ, Porter Cable, FLEX, DeWalt, Hitachi, Rupes, and many others. Turn to the Universal Pad Washer to maintain expensive equipment and ensure professional polishing results during any job, big or small.

Clean Pads Work Better

Washing all types of polishing pads with the Universal Pad Washer removes more residues and particle abrasives than any other pad cleaning method or tool. Polish residue and removed paint clogs pads and causes inconsistent polishing work during a job. The secret to maintaining polishing pads for years of reliable use is in keeping them clean. Messy polish residues turn into a hard cement-like mass inside buffing pads if left to dry, ruining any predictable polishing abilities of the pad. Clean out old compound, particle abrasives, and removed paint residues to keep pads soft, flexible, and ready for controlled paint removal. Keep one set of polishing pads and clean then during the job to maintain maximum effect and shorter polishing times, or change out between several sets of pads for nonstop polishing and clean them all at the end of the day for faster turnaround time with the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer.

Clean Pads Correctly So They Last Longer

The Universal Pad Washer is the professional’s secret to quickly clean, condition, and dry buffing and polishing pads to maintain maximum polishing effect in any detailing or body shop setting. Old pad cleaning methods involved soaking the entire pad in cleaning solution to remove polish and paint residues. But soaking the hook and loop pad backing with water and cleaners dissolves its adhesives and causes it to separate from the buffing pad. Washing pads with the Universal Pad Washer soaks only the buffing side of the pad with cleaning solution, preventing premature tearing and separation of the layers of expensive polishing pads. By only cleaning the parts of the buffing pad that touch paintwork and need to be cleaned, the Universal Pad Washer saves all types of buffing and polishing pads from extra wear and tear.

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner Works On All Buffing Pads

Machine polishing is the fine detailing art that balances machine power, abrasives, and friction to remove swirls and scratches, and restore luster to paint. When polishing pads clog up with spent product and paint residue, they can no longer produce the correct amount of friction and produce sub-par polishing results. If this residue is never cleaned, the pads clog after just a couple polishing jobs and must be thrown away. Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner breaks down and removes used polish, paint residue, glaze, sealant, and wax from foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads. Thorough cleaning is essential to keeping pads from clogging with old product so they can produce professional results. The citrus base of Polishing Pad Cleaner rinses clean from all polishing pads, and leaves no residue that affects the feel or performance of pads. Keep all buffing and polishing pads clean for maximum performance with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner.

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