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About This Product


Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt

Why Buy This Product?

  • A shirt that represents the crossroads of ambition, passion and lifestyle
  • Where are superior quality detailing tools made? They?re Made In LA
  • Tested for maximum durability and comfort
  • Rep the Chemical Guys lifestyle wherever you go
  • Twice as soft, twice as comfortable
  • Tag less design means no uncomfortable neck chafing

About This Shirt

If you?re a detailing fanatic who?s in love with the City of Angels, and you want to represent the brand that embodies the heart and soul of detailing, the Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt deserves a place in your detailing wardrobe. For many years, Chemical Guys has made its products in Los Angeles working tirelessly to create detailing products that push the boundaries of the perfect detail. Now you too can celebrate the detailing craft by supporting the brand that redefined detailing, and let the world know where high quality products are created with the Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt.

Engineered for Comfort

Loose fitting fabric, low grade cotton and shabby construction can all put a damper on the perfect detail. Chemical Guys constructs their shirts like they construct their tools: only to the highest standards. This ring-spun cotton shirt is 50% lighter, twice as soft, twice as durable, and twice as comfortable as a standard T-shirt. The snug-fitting cut is complimentary on any body type, and the extra-long trunk covers all buckles and buttons to ensure a scratch-free detail should you lean over your car. Pick up the Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt today for the ultimate combination of form and fashion.

Form Meets Fashion

Die hard detailers have been demanding a shirt that fits well, feels great, and displays their desire for detailing greatness. The Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt features seamless stitching that won?t harm your car?s paint when you lean over the hood. The elongated trunk of the shirt conceals belt buckles and buttons, so you never beat yourself up about scratching that sensitive paint. The extra cozy cotton will dance along the paint like a feather skimming across the surface without ever leaving a mark. The clean typography on the front of the shirt is simple and elegant, it reminds everyone where true passion and craftsmanship for detailing originates from.

The Home of Detailing

Professional Detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts aren?t shy about sharing their devotion for detailing. Detailers love to look stylish, and what better way to do that than to wear a shirt made by the brand that lives and breathes detailing. The Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt is the perfect way to remind the world where the rivers of passion, ambition, desire, dedication and commitment intersect. No matter where you go, let everyone know who dedicates themselves to the art of detailing and remind them of the place where innovation meets enthusiasm. If anyone forgets where passion and dedication for detailing is created, remind them that it?s Made in LA.

Stand Out for All the Right Reasons

Be a beacon in your community for the things you love and attract all the right kind of car people with the Chemical Guys I Heart Detailing Shirt. Even when your back is turned, you?ll be representing the detailing lifestyle and spreading positivity and passion with a large Chemical Guys logo on your back. Visible from a distance, who knows who you might attract. The Chemical Guys I Heart Detailing shirt. Treat yourself!


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