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Chemical Guys Rides and Coffee T-Shirt

Why Buy This Product?

  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself
  • Stick out for all the right reasons
  • Tested for maximum durability and comfort
  • Rep the Chemical Guys lifestyle wherever you go
  • Twice as soft, twice as comfortable
  • Tag less design means no uncomfortable neck chafing
  • Share your passion with the world

Rides and Coffee Pride

No one likes waking up early… unless you?re going to the monthly Rides and Coffee car meet! It?s the only time crawling out of bed at the crack of dawn isn’t a chore. On that joyous early morning of the month, don?t climb into just any plain old t-shirt; show your passion and jump into the all-new Chemical Guys Rides and Coffee Shirt. Comfortable, stylish, and practical, our versatile t-shirt is perfect for any occasion, whether you?re detailing a car, heading to a car show, or hanging out with your friends. The Rides and Coffee Shirt is up for any job and designed to be durable yet soft, thanks to its 100% ring-spun cotton. It?s so comfy that once you put it on, you won?t want to take it off!

Display Your True Colours

What does your shirt say about you? Sure, donning that same old cotton day-in and day-out is easy and convenient, but is that really the message you want to be spreading? Are you plain and generic without any vigor? As a Chemical Guy, we know you aren?t. We know you?re a dedicated, hardworking, and passionate auto enthusiast, so show it with the brand-new Rides and Coffee tee. The bright retro logo literally radiates energy and positivity from the JDM inspired rays screen printed on the front of the shirt. Clothing doesn’t have to just be something to protect us from the elements. It can be an expression of who we are. It can tell the world of our joys, loves, and obsessions without us ever opening our mouths. So, spread positivity and passion with the Chemical Guys Rides and Coffee shirt and show the world who you really are. This is our uniform; this is our creed.

Welcome to Our Family

Here at Chemical Guys, we love hanging out with our friends and family so much that we created a car meet just to do so. Rides and Coffee is a monthly get-together where we welcome cars and people from all backgrounds, countries, traditions, and ages, united by only one thing: passion. Passion overwhelms all other things in life. It?s contagious and it makes the Rides and Coffee event pulsate with a vigorous energy that we?ve captured with the Rides and Coffee tee, where the gas gauge needle is always on full. Like coffee is energy to our bodies and gas is fuel for our cars, friends are nourishment for our souls. Be proud of the community you?ve help create and contribute to every day with the Rides and Coffee tee. The bright colours and banner style text emanate the positivity and pride that we feel every time we get to spend time with you guys, our family.

Perfect for all Occasions

We know the difficulty of having a ?nice? shirt and a ?work? shirt and the pain of constantly switching between the two, so we?ve created a single all-in-one shirt. Effortlessly stylish, the long trunk is not only dapper, but it also protects your car?s fragile paint from being scratched or marred by your belt buckle, zipper, or buttons. The ultra soft premium cotton is not only comfortable, but is supple enough to allow you to bend, twist, and stretch in the most unusual positions that we detailers always find ourselves in. The jet black color ensures that if a little dirt accidently gets on your shirt when detailing, it won?t show, and the tagless design prevents that irritating itch we?ve all experienced. We?ve thought of all the little stuff, and all those details come together to create a shirt specifically tailored to your unique lifestyle. Think of the Chemical Guys Rides and Coffee Shirt as another tool in your arsenal and don?t be afraid to use it.

Tailored to your Lifestyle

People wonder why we wake up early to attend a car show on the weekend. To us car guys, it?s a ritual. It?s an opportunity to hang out with like-minded friends who have become family after untold sleepless nights and countless hours wrenching, washing, and waxing your car. Friends who eat, sleep, and dream cars, just like you. It?s more than a hobby, it?s a lifestyle, so why don?t you have clothes specifically tailored to you? As passionate car guys ourselves, we know what you?re looking for in a shirt. The super breathable cotton is optimized for long outdoor events like car shows where the relentless sun beats on you all day and those lengthy detail jobs that make you sweat more than a pig in a greenhouse. We designed this shirt from the ground-up with your multifaceted lifestyle in mind, and the more you wear it, the more you?ll appreciate all the little things we?ve thought of.

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