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Why Buy This Product?

  • Works on all polished metal motorcycle parts
  • Restores brilliant shine
  • Removes oxidation, contamination, and tarnish
  • Perfect for chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more
  • Advanced metal sealant provides durable protection
  • Helps remove exhaust pipe bluing
  • Work by hand or machine
  • Also available in 4 ounce size

About Moto Metal Polish

Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish restores and shines polished metal motorcycle parts. Moto Metal polishes and shines chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and even titanium. The light polishing formula is blended with ultra-refined abrasives and metal cleansers that restore a mirror shine to polished metals. Moto Metal removes light stains, oxidation, tarnish, bluing, road tar, water spots, filth, and grime to reveal a show-winning shine. Work the cream polish on shiny motorcycle pieces like wheels, spokes, exhaust pipes, frames, forks, emblems, trim, and accent parts. Moto Metal Polish is acid-free and intended for all metal surfaces. Moto Metal Polish is blended with advanced sealants that help protect and maintain the lustrous new shine on any metalwork. The innovative sealant technology blocks out the harmful UV light, oxygen, water, and caustic pollution that tarnish, discolor, and ruin the bright reflection and shine from metal. Restore and protect a bright lustrous shine on all motorcycle metalwork with Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish.

Restore Brilliant Shine To Motorcycle Metal

Polished metals add flashy flair to motorcycles, and serve the functional purpose of making riders more visible. Without proper care, metals tarnish and oxidize from harsh elements like water, UV sunlight, and pollution. Restore gloss and shine to polished metals with Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish. The specialty metal cleansers and micro abrasives remove contamination and oxidation to restore a shiny appearance. If left unchecked, tarnish and oxidation can cause permanent damage to the metal, resulting in pitting and corrosion. Moto Metal Polish removes caustic contamination and oxidation before it tarnishes metals forever. Easily polish and restore chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium motorcycle parts. Chemical Guys Moto Metal restores glossy shine to wheels, frame pieces, accent pieces, and even helps remove bluing from exhaust pipes.

Lock In Shine And Gloss

Moto Metal Polish restores and protects shine and gloss to motorcycle metal parts. Unlike basic metal polishes, Moto Metal is blended with durable metal sealants that lock in shine and gloss, and lock out oxygen, water, and pollution. These contaminants promote oxidation and metal tarnish that dull shine and lead to corrosion. Moto Metal helps repel these elements to keep motorcycle parts shining for longer than ever. Keep polished chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and even custom copper, bronze, and gold alloys shiny and beautiful for months on end. Clean, shine, and protect polished wheels, headlights, handlebars, forks, exhaust pipes, and more with Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish.

Help Remove Exhaust Pipe Bluing

Motorcycle exhausts get hot. Real hot. How hot? Check out your boot heels next time you finish a thrash through the canyons! Combustion temperatures in motorcycle engines top 1200?F, and exhaust manifolds and pipes routinely heat up as hot as 800?F. These extreme temperatures affect chrome and induce a chemical reaction that turns the coating blue. While a normal process, some enthusiasts and restorers turn to specialty cleaners to remove the bluing before motorcycle shows or concours events. Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish helps restore a pure reflection to chrome exhaust pipes, headers, manifolds, and tips. Polish away blued motorcycle exhaust chrome to restore pure mirror reflection and shine with Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish.

Formulated For All Motorcycles And Offroad Quads

The Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line of detailing products is designed and blended for use on all types of cycles and quads. Clean, restore, and protect any street bike, racing motorcycle, competition bike, vintage cycle, custom chopper, touring bike, supermoto, motor trike, mini and pocket bikes, motor scooter, offroad dirt bike, quad bike, dual-sport/adventure motorcycle, ATV, and even bicycles with the full lineup of products from Chemical Guys. All cycles operate in similar conditions, and are built with similar materials across the board. The full Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line of products addresses every cleaning and detailing need for all these materials on these machines. Clean, shine, and protect any cycle anywhere with the Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line.

Other Sizes Available

Moto Metal Polish Cleaner, Polish & Protectant is also available in a 4 ounce size.

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