Chemical Guys ,BUF_SCREW_DA, DA Adaptor- Makes Rotary Backing Plates Fit DA Polisher


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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Use any rotary polisher backing plate on a dual action machine
  • Works with any rotary polisher backing plate
  • Connects 5/16″ – 24 DA polisher spindle threads to 5/8″ – 11 rotary polisher backing plates
  • Reuse old, trusted, and specialized backing plates with a new machine
  • Also available for using rotary backing plates on power drills

About This Product

The Good Screw DA Adapter runs rotary backing plates on dual action polishers. While the rotary polisher and its accessories have been around for over 100 years, the dual action machine is still new on the scene. Many detailers, contractors, and handymen have dozens of specialized and preferred rotary polisher backing plates in their arsenal, but want to use the new dual action polisher for its flexibility, safety features, and versatile correction abilities. Rotary backing plates are sold at every auto detail supply store, hardware store, and finishing store. Now anyone can attach and use any rotary polisher backing plate on their easy to use dual action polisher with the Good Screw DA Adapter. Attach any sized rotary backing plate from 1?? all the way to 10?? to a dual action polisher, and work on any automobile surface big or small. Remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation from painted finishes. Restore clarity to faded and yellowed headlights, or spread the perfect coat of wax, glaze, or sealant with a rotary backing plate on a DA polisher. The Good Screw DA Adapter attaches to any dual action polisher that accepts 5/16?? spindle thread accessories, such as the TORQ10FX, TORQX, Porter Cable 7424XP, Griot?s Garage 6?? DA, Meguiar?s G110, and Meguiar?s MT300. Hang on to and use the same tried and true polishing tools and accessories from yesterday and give them a second lease on life with the Good Screw Dual Action Adapter For Rotary Backing Plates.

A Real Versatile Screw

The Good Screw Dual Action Adapter For Rotary Backing Plates saves detailers time and money. Old seasoned professionals have used the rotary polisher for decades and have collected a wide array of rotary backing plates for every job. However, the flexibility and finesse of the new dual action machine is hard to beat, and many detailers are leaving their rotary machines behind. But why purchase new backing plates for the new machine? With the Good Screw, anyone can run their old rotary polisher backing plates on the new dual action machines. Use small backing plates and pads to polish in tight areas like door jambs, vents, and grilles. Use larger backing plates to remove swirls, scratches, water spots, and oxidation from large painted panels, headlights, and even windows.

Note: To ensure the item works properly, please make sure it has been screwed in snugly. For safety and performance, we recommend that the Good Screw Adapter be tightened into your polisher with a wrench.

More Good Screws Available

The Good Screw is also available for power drills. Now you can turn any power drill that accepts standard round drill bits into a rotary polisher for polishing on the go.

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