Chemical Guys ,BUF_SCREW_DRILL,Drill Adaptor Makes Rotary Backing Plates Fit On Any Drill


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Everyone Enjoys A Good Screw

The Good Screw turns any power drill into a rotary polisher. Some detailing and polishing jobs require access into tight and compact areas where power drills fit easier than bulky rotary polishers. Attach any rotary backing plate to any standard power drill with the Good Screw, then use a buffing pad to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Rotary polishers are the most popular machine polisher worldwide, so backing plates and accessories are widely available and highly customizable. Polish hard to reach spots, door jambs, under hoods, headlights, tail lights, exhaust tips, and anywhere else large rotary polishers simply don?t fit. Professional detailers often need lighter and more compact setups to get the job done, and access to power can be a limiting factor when traveling. The Good Screw fits in place of any standard drill bit, then any standard rotary backing plate screws directly onto the good screw. Polishing with a cordless power drill gives mobile detailers the ability to restore headlights or polish hard to reach areas anywhere, any time. Turn any corded or cordless power drill into a compact, versatile, and powerful rotary polisher with the Good Screw Power Drill Adapter.

A Real Versatile Screw

The Good Screw Drill Adapter enables any corded or cordless power drill to accept any rotary polisher backing plate. Power drills and rotary backing plates are available at any hardware store, and are well-understood and easy to use. Sometimes a detailing job is easier to accomplish with a power drill rather than a rotary polisher, and any detailer or handyman can get the job done with their tools and collection of backing plates at hand. Simply attach the Good Screw Power Drill Adapter to any power drill, screw on a rotary polisher backing plate, then slap on a buffing pad and get to work. The Good Screw is perfect for polishing in tight areas like door jambs, headlights, tail lights, fog lights, louvers, fins, grilles, and anywhere else a bulky rotary polisher simply will not fit.

More Good Screws Available

The Good Screw is also available for dual action polishers. Now you can use your old rotary polisher backing plates on your new dual action polisher machines that accept 5/16″ thread accessories.

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