Chemical Guys ,BUFLC_BP_R_3,3″ Rotary Backing Plate Fits All Pads 3″ And Greater


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About This Product


Low Profile Rotary Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate (3 Inch Diameter)

Why Buy This Product?

  • Compact 3? rotary polisher backing plate
  • Attaches with 5/8? thread
  • Solid state backing plate design
  • Fits 4? buffing pads
  • Fits into tight spots like door jambs, vents, grilles, headlights, tail lights, and more
  • Perfect for polishing paintwork, clear plastic, glass, and polished metals
  • Fits any rotary polisher via universal 5/8?? output shaft thread
  • Use with any Rotary Polisher from FLEX, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Festool, Dynabrade, and many more

How It Works

Choose the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate when polishing into tight and hard to reach areas. Normal backing plates too tall to fit underneath door handles, roof racks, and side view mirrors? Choose the solid-state backing plate with an ultra low profile to slip through the cracks for perfect polishing results. The durable 3? backing plate screws onto your machine polisher via the universal fit 5/8?? – 11 spindle thread. Simply press the rotary mechanism locking button to hold the spindle in place, then screw the backing plate on until it locks snugly in place. The Low Profile Backing Plate uses high quality hook and loop material to hold onto buffing pads and accessories with a solid grip. The solid state stiff backing plate slips into tight corners with laser accuracy, producing superior polishing results. For professional polishing results in tough spots, choose the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate.

Strong Backing Plate Fits Into Tight Spots

The Low Profile Backing Plate uses solid state materials to slip into compact areas for better polishing results. This strong backing plate covers every square inch of buffing pads to transfer 100% of the rotary polisher machine?s power into the part being polished. Use the strength of the Low Profile Backing Plate to polish hard to reach spots with limited access. Spots like door jambs, trunk jambs, and hood jambs are easily polished with the compact backing plate. Slipping underneath roof racks and door handles is easy with the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate. Easily polish grilles, louvers, vents, and bumper parts with the Low Profile polishing tool. Removing faded yellow plastic from headlight lenses is easy with the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate. Power through the deepest swirls, longest scratches, and intense oxidation with the relentless spinning force of the Low Profile Backing Plate.

Universal Rotary Polisher Fitment

Rotary polishers are the oldest machine polishing tool in existence. Since we?ve had the automobile, we?ve had the rotary polisher to keep the paintwork shining brilliantly, without any swirls or scratches. The industry has standardized the tooling, fittings, and accessories used with these machines, and the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate fits every type of rotary polisher sold today. This durable backing plate screws onto the rotary buffer via the universal fit 5/8?? – 11 spindle thread. Slap on your favorite foam or wool buffing pad onto the hook and loop interface side for a secure grip that won?t quit during any polishing job. The extra dense hook and loop material pattern holds on to buffing pads at normal polishing speeds around 2,000 RPMs, and whenever cleaning and drying buffing pads at speeds exceeding 3,500 RPMs. Use your favorite rotary polisher and all the buffing pads and accessories you?ve already collected over the years with the trusty and versatile Low Profile Hook & Loop Backing Plate.

Combine With Great Accessories

The Good Screw turns any power drill into a rotary polisher. Some detailing and polishing jobs require access into tight and compact areas where power drills fit easier than bulky rotary polishers. Attach the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate to any standard power drill with the Good Screw, then use a buffing pad to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Rotary polishers are the most popular machine polisher worldwide, so backing plates and accessories are widely available and highly customizable. Polish hard to reach spots, door jambs, under hoods, headlights, tail lights, exhaust tips, and anywhere else large rotary polishers simply don?t fit. Professional detailers often need lighter and more compact setups to get the job done, and access to power can be a limiting factor when traveling. The Good Screw fits in place of any standard drill bit, then any standard rotary backing plate screws directly onto the good screw. Polishing with a cordless power drill gives mobile detailers the ability to restore headlights or polish hard to reach areas anywhere, any time. Turn any corded or cordless power drill into a compact, versatile, and powerful rotary polisher with the Good Screw Power Drill Adapter.

What Machines Is This Backing Plate For?

The Evolve R4 3″ Rotary Backing Plate fits any rotary polisher that accepts 5/8?? – 11 spindle accessories, including those manufactured by:

  • FLEX
  • Makita
  • Dewalt
  • Hitachi
  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Dynabrade

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