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About This Product


Why Buy This Product?

  • Compact 3” rotary polisher backing plate
  • Fits into tight spots like door jambs, vents, grilles, headlights, tail lights, and more
  • Plush deep cell foam absorbs pressure and spreads out polishing force evenly
  • Helps ensure even paint removal for shiny finish with enhanced glossy glow
  • Perfect for polishing paintwork, clear plastic, glass, and polished metals
  • Fits any rotary polisher via universal 5/8’’ output shaft thread
  • Use with any Rotary Polisher from FLEX, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Festool, Dynabrade, and many more
  • Hyper-Flex flexible foam technology conforms to curves and contours for even polishing results

How It Works

For years, rotary polisher machines, backing plates, and pads decided what kind of surfaces you could work on. Stiff backing plates work great on flat panels, but not so good for curves and contours. Now backing plate design has evolved to flex, conform, and move with you: the Evolve R4 Rotary Backing Plate. The small compact flexible backing plate uses thick deep cell white foam to conform to different shapes, and ensure even paint removal over any curved or flat automobile panel. Take on tough paint correction and polishing jobs over any vehicle with your favorite rotary polisher and the Evolve R4 Backing Plate. This compact 3” backing plate fits small 3”-4” buffing pads into tight areas like door jambs, grilles, vents, headlights, tail lights, and more. The R4 Rotary Backing Plate fits onto every rotary polisher sold around the world via the 5/8’’ – 11 rotary polisher output shaft. Unlike square profiled thick foam backing plates, the Evolve R4 Backing Plate tapers outward towards the hook-and-loop interface. This beveled edge allows the user’s finger to easily slip between the backing plate and foam pad for easy pad changes during a job. Thick plush foam in the backing plate body spreads out pressure from the weight of the machine and the user’s grip coming from above. Even weight distribution across the whole pad helps eliminate hot spots and ensures even paint removal for deeper gloss in the shiny finish. Back up compact buffing and polishing pads with the 3” Evolve R4 Hyper Flex Backing Plate, and produce the perfect finish on your next polishing job.

Safer Rotary Polishing: Plush Foam Cushion For Even Pressure

The Evolve Hyper Flex Backing Plate spreads the pressure and machine power evenly for a safer polishing experience. Unlike thin and hard plastic backing plates, the Evolve R4 features an extra plush foam backing pad body. This soft cushion helps spread the weight of the rotary polisher and the user’s grip over the entire backing plate and foam buffing pad surface. Full contact of the foam pad transfers the power of the spinning rotary polisher evenly across the entire polishing surface without focusing any added friction and heat into hotspots. Uneven pressure with a rotary polisher can cause holograms, buffer trails, and even paint burns and burn-through in the worst case scenarios. Add the thick space cushion of the Evolve R4 Backing Plate to spread out the downward force of the heavy rotary polisher and heavy handed grip as an added safeguard against paint damage. Everyone from body shop technicians, professional detailers, and hardcore detailing enthusiasts all trust the Evolve R4 Hyper Flex Rotary Backing Plate for safe paint polishing on the most sensitive jobs.

Universal Rotary Polisher Fitment

Rotary polishers are the oldest machine polishing tool in existence. Since we’ve had the automobile, we’ve had the rotary polisher to keep the paintwork shining brilliantly, without any swirls or scratches. The industry has standardized the tooling, fittings, and accessories used with these machines, and the Evolve R4 Hyper Flex Rotary Backing Plate fits every type of rotary polisher sold today. This durable backing plate screws onto the rotary buffer via the universal fit 5/8’’ – 11 spindle thread. Slap on your favorite foam or wool buffing pad onto the hook and loop interface side for a secure grip that won’t quit during any polishing job. The extra dense hook and loop material pattern holds on to buffing pads at normal polishing speeds around 2,000 RPMs, and whenever cleaning and drying buffing pads at speeds exceeding 3,500 RPMs. Use your favorite rotary polisher and all the buffing pads and accessories you’ve already collected over the years with the trusty and versatile Evolve R4 Rotary Polisher Hyper Flex Backing Plate.

Conforms To Curves For Better Polishing

Evolve R4 Rotary Backing Plates use Hyper Flex technology to follow every curve and contour of automobile panels. Traditional rotary polisher backing plates are too stiff to follow any curves or complex car shapes. Polishing a curve with a stiff backing plate puts too much pressure on the edges of the pad and creates extra friction that burns paint with holograms, buffer trails, or worse… Evolve R4 Backing Plates help the buffing pad fill in every bit of curves and contours, spreading every bit of polishing force evenly across the surface. Fewer pressure points and hot spots means even working action and paint removal across the entire area of the buffing pad. Even paint removal means even gloss, even shine, and superior polishing results over every automobile panel, curve, and complex shape that catches the eye. Evolve your polishing tool selection, and choose the Evolve R4 Rotary Polisher Backing Plate to ensure even results with minimized damage danger.

What Machines Is This Backing Plate For?

The Evolve R4 3″ Rotary Backing Plate fits any rotary polisher that accepts 5/8’’ – 11 spindle accessories, including those manufactured by:

  • FLEX
  • Makita
  • Dewalt
  • Hitachi
  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Dynabrade

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