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  • Buy it because we tell you to!
  • Maximum comfort and worldwide lifestyle
  • Tailored and fitted for your svelte physique
  • Maximum comfort and worldwide lifestyle
  • Exclusive SEMA Chemical Guys crew shirt design

Special Edition SEMA Shirt

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. Every year, SEMA draws the automotive industry?s boldest leaders, brightest minds, and hottest products to one place: Las Vegas! SEMA was a smashing success for Chemical Guys! We showcased our latest and greatest products, exclusive machines, and promoted our passion and excellence for detailing and car care. We turned heads with our fresh products and exclusive apparel, so to commemorate another successful year at SEMA, we?ve extended production of our crew?s exclusive Chemical Guys dripping golden emblem SEMA shirt for you to enjoy! These shirts are the exact design worn by the Chemical Guys crew at SEMA.

About This Product

You have passion, you love your car, and you?re a Chemical Guy: flaunt the lifestyle and wear your true colors across your chest with the Chemical Guys SEMA T-shirt! This super comfortable and super slick looking shirt is the coolest detailing T-shirt you?ll ever wear! This ring-spun cotton shirt is 30% lighter, twice as soft, twice as durable, and twice as breathable as standard T-shirts. The snug-fitted cut is tailored for the most flattering look on any physique, and the extra-long trunk covers any buckles or buttons for scratch-free detailing should you lean over your car. Accept no cheap imitations?Chemical Guys T-shirts are the only ones that belong on your back as you clean, protect, and drive your car!

Eco-Friendly Textile Technology

Chemical Guys T-shirts are made with 100% ring-spun cotton. Ring-spinning techniques produce lighter, stronger, and more breathable fabrics than standard spinning techniques?and it uses 30% less cotton fiber! Ring-spun shirts are more comfortable, better looking, and better for the environment!

Ultimate Detailing Sensitivity

You?re a Chemical Guy. You?re a detailing enthusiast. You love your car. Every wipe, every swipe, and every spray is done with the utmost care and love to keep your car shiny, beautiful, and scratch-free. Every touch on the paint has potential to mar and scratch the surface, and that includes accidental bumping and rubbing against your fenders or doors as you work. Chemical Guys T-shirts are made with the softest cotton that will not scratch or mar paint when brushed against it, and the extra-long trunk length covers your waistline to protect your paint from buttons, zippers, and belt buckles. Cover all your bases and pair your Chemical Guys T-shirt with a premium microfiber detailing apron for the best protection against accidental scratches and swirls.

Chemical Guys Lifestyle

Clothing is more than protection; it?s a statement of who you are. Chemical Guys is not just car care products: it?s a lifestyle. We believe that every automobile is a work of art that deserves protection against the elements so it may look its best. Every car should look as good as it drives because it?s what drives you. We know that every spray, every wipe, and every minute you spend on your car is done with the utmost passion and attention to detail. Bring that drive and passion full circle with Chemical Guys T-shirts! Our mean Chemical Guys graphics show the world your passion and drive, and the Chemical Guys lifestyle projects your substance and attention to detail as you finish your car to perfection.

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