Fast Facts About Smartwax Concours
  • Hand crafted paste
  • Delivers unmatched wetness and depth of shine and protection
  • Blended of the finest imported raw ingredients
  • Suitable for all paint types and colors
  • Proper bonding on contact

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About Smartwax Concours
Smartwax Concours carnauba paste wax is a hand crafted paste wax that is blending of the finest imported raw ingredients in an air tight blending and pouring facility to assure the purest and finest grade paste wax worthy of being called Concours. Rare Brazilian Carnauba, free of any added color or fragrance is blended with some of the finest, most refined protective agents and coconut, sunflower and propolis oils to produce a hand crafted paste wax that is as pure and refined as possible. Suitable for all paint types and colors. Engineered to deliver unmatched wetness and depth. Smartwaxs’ revolutionary patented bonding agents assure proper bonding on contact. Waiting long periods of time between product applications is no longer necessary.  Some product lines still rely on old technology that needs a specific temperature, climate, or period of time to bond correctly to surfaces. Smartwax engineered every product from scratch from the highest quality raw chemicals utilizing the latest in technology to assure the most advanced easy to use product that would deliver superior results in less time.

Wash And Details

Smart Use

  • For maximum depth and protection, apply SmartSealant first to prepped surfaces
  • It is recommended that you clay first and use a light paintwork cleanser after clay treatment
  • Apply SmartSealant and allow 3-5 minutes to work with the surface and wipe off
  • For lighter cars where it is difficult to see what parts were covered or not, most clients prefer to apply a secondary coat of SmartSealant to assure proper coverage
  • Once you have wiped off the SmartSealant you can immediately follow with a  very thin coat of  SmartWax Concours
  • Allow concourse 8-10 minutes to work with the surface
  • As Concours is a naturally derived white ivory carnauba it will take slightly longer to bond and harden to surfaces
  • Customers looking to maximize depth can re-apply another coat at any time

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