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Why Buy This Product?

  • Unique wedge design easily cleans hard to reach places
  • Easy to use design cleans any wheel
  • Super soft construction materials will not scratch wheel finishes
  • Multiple surfaces for every part of wheel and tire
  • Premium 70/30 microfiber stays softer for longer
  • Silk-banded edge won?t scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Versatile design easily cleans wheels, spokes, rims, tires, lugnuts, and more

How It Works

The Wheel Wedge is the perfect tool for deep cleaning wheels and other compact areas. All wheel parts require specialty cleaning tools that are different than those for paintwork and glass. Use the Chemical Guys Wheel Wedge to gently scrub dirt and grime without harming sensitive wheel finishes. The extra-slim glove slips deep into alloy wheels and custom rims for a complete wheel cleaning detail. Clean mud, dirt, and brake dust from the front and back of the face of wheels and rims for a show car look. Easily agitate and remove brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime from OEM and custom aftermarket wheels and rims. Stick the Wheel Wedge deep inside exhaust tips to remove heavy carbon buildup. Slip the Wedge between intake manifold pipes and exhaust runners for thorough engine bay detailing. Choose the Wheel Wedge for a gentle cleaning touch deep inside hard to reach places.

Versatile Wheel Cleaning Tool

Are you looking for an easy way to clean your rims? The Wheel Wedge has you covered! The Wheel Wedge has multiple surfaces for cleaning areas with tough dirt and grime. The microfiber side is perfect for sensitive and custom wheels, such as custom painted or chromed rims. The microfiber mesh side is great for scrubbing dirt, old tire shine dressing, and grime for tire sidewalls. The Wheel Wedge slides over and contours to the hand for a good grip and control over the whole applicator. This makes it easy to get behind each spoke to clean out hidden brake dust, dirt, and grime, or to spread Wheel Guard sealant coats for total wheel protection. The soft pointed tip of the wedge easily cleans hard to reach places, like around lugnuts, small grooves where spokes meet the rim, and even brake calipers. The Wheel Wedge is made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber for an ultra-soft touch that lasts through dozens of wheel cleanings, and a silk-banded edge that won?t scratch extra sensitive wheel surfaces. Flip the Wheel Wedge inside-out to have microfiber all the way around. Use the Wheel Wedge to clean wheels, apply Wheel Guard or premium carnauba wax to wheels after they are cleaned, or spread wax and sealant to other painted areas around the car. Make sure to keep separate Wheel Wedges for paintwork and for wheels to avoid cross contamination with super-abrasive brake dust! Choose the Wheel Wedge for sensitive and thorough cleaning on custom wheels and rims.

Super Soft Materials Do Not Scratch Sensitive Finishes

Chemical Guys wheel brushes and accessories are made from the highest quality materials and with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The Wheel Wedge is made with premium 70/30 blend microfiber and silk banded edges. The ultra soft microfiber picks up and holds abrasive dirt and debris away from sensitive wheel surfaces to prevent swirls and scratches. Soft silk-banded edges further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive custom finishes on expensive wheels and aftermarket rims. Simply slip the Wheel Wedge over the hand and easily clean wheel faces, lugnuts, behind wheel spokes, rims, tire faces, door jambs, engine bays, exhaust tips, and more. The Wheel Wedge even makes a great wax applicator for any paintwork around the vehicle. The Wheel Wedge lasts for years of detailing alloy wheels and rims, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more.

Keep Wheels Clean

The Wheel Wedge is great for deep cleaning wheels, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more. The soft premium microfiber gives a scratch-free touch on sensitive wheels and rims, and easily removes tough dirt, debris, and brake dust. The extra-slim wedge contours to the hand for easy cleaning in, around, behind, and through spokes and tight brake calipers. The long and low profile wedge fits between the hub and rim to easily clean the entire barrel of the wheel for a deep clean shine. Easily scrub away brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil, grease, and more. Clean and scrub chrome, polished, painted, powdercoated, and wrapped OEM and custom wheels with a scratch-free shine. The abrasion-resistant silk banded edges further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive surfaces when pressed into tight crevices around lugnuts or wheel spokes. Use the Wheel Wedge to clean wheels, behind spokes, inside exhaust tips, around engine bays and compartments, and more.

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